Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, the Philippines
SEC #CN201605874—March 18, 2016
Legal Name: Centre for Sustainability PH, Inc. / Mayor’s Permit Number: BP-2017-02548-0
Certificate of Accreditation #CN-SP07-17 awarded by the City Government of Puerto Princesa City, signed January 24, 2017

The Centre for Sustainability PH is a non-profit, female-led environmental organisation working on sustainable community development in Palawan, the Philippines.

Our Mission is to contribute to A Sustainable Future for Palawan through the establishment of terrestrial and marine protected areas with an integrated approach incorporating three key areas:


Our work comes from communities for communities to communities, incorporating local knowledge and practices in project development to ensure continuing relevance and long-term sustainability for many years to come.

Our core driving Values in all CS activities are Integrity, Transparency, and Openness, such that our successes can be shared and reproduced not only on Palawan Island, but throughout the Philippines, and across the globe.

We aim to uphold the highest standards of sustainability by maintaining a holistic approach that balances both human and ecological well-being.  By concentrating our efforts in Palawan, we aim to conserve this pristine island—our projects are currently focused on the City of Puerto Princesa, but we hope to soon expand our activities to other municipalities of the Best Island in the World.